Sunday, July 5, 2009

Review: Moltofino, Dee Why

Last Sunday I caught up with AY for lunch in Dee Why after his exchange in Japan. The original plan had been a three way affair for breakfast, which then changed to brunch, which thereafter changed again to lunch. We are sleep deprived souls.
The afternoon was spent sitting in front of the beach, and since I had my camera with me, I helped myself to a few pictures of the lovely scene. It was a glorious day and too good to waste.

These were originally taken with the DSLR but later converted to a Polaroid thanks to a program JL sent me. My wall-of-Polaroids is finally getting started!

Back to the topic, AW, remaining true to character, showed up late, and missed lunch completely. I often say that I spend half my life waiting for JL, and the other half waiting for AW. Some things just don't change.

AY and I decided to start on lunch without her and settled on Moltofino for a quick Italian lunch.Penne Siciliana - $19.90

I decided to have the Penne Siciliana, which was a deliciously tomatoey pasta dish. There wasn't anything absolutely outstanding about the dish, but it was beautiful and I ate it perfectly happily in front of the waters. The sauce was a tad on the runny side as I like my sauces quite thick, but that is just a preferential thing and I'd be more than happy to eat this again.Linguine alla Panna - $18.90

AY chose the Linguine alla Panna, which was very generous with the sauce and mushrooms. Mushrooms were an absolute delight, but at you may notice from the picture above, the pasta really was quite drenched in runny sauce. If you're a huge lover of cream-based sauces, then there is really no reason why one would not drink the sauce. However, I would personally find it a little on the rich side, and would need a glass of wine to help cut through it.

It was beautifully quiet afternoon spent in front of the beach with two of my closest friends just catching up on the happenings in life - perhaps the best way to spend an afternoon in Sydney.

24/1 The Strand
Dee Why Beach
Tel: (02) 9981 2061

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