Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review: ThaiExpress, World Square Sydney


Yes. I had Thai two nights in a row this week. This time I was with a bunch of friends heading over to another friend's 21st, so we decided to drop by a place which we've often visited as a group, for old times' sake.

ThaiExpress is a cozy and dimly-lit Thai eatery tucked away in World Square's nom nom alleyway. While I wouldn't call it the most amazing Thai restaurant in Sydney, the large range of dishes available at decent prices (though you could definitely could find cheaper places that provide larger servings), its location and quick service caters well to large groups of poor uni students on the run like us.

The picture above was CH's meal that night. I'm not entirely sure exactly what he ordered, but my guess is somewhere along the lines of Basil Beef Rice.

Next up, AX's Fire Beef Noodles.

This dish smelled like heaven. It made me wish that my plate would come out sooner so that I wouldn't be drooling all over someone else's plate. But alas the glutton in me got the better of me and I dug in anyway.

The joys of eating out with friends.

This was my dish. Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Chicken - $14.95. It was so terribly satisfying. I think my shrimp paste craving was calling out to me when I suggested to have Thai that night. I'm that glad it did, because this dish totally served my cravings justice.

I didn't get around to taking pictures of everyone's food, but all in all we had a great time feasting. But before I finish this post, there's two things on the menu which I must recommend, one of which I didn't order that night because I needed room in my stomach for the party after. One is the Man Cheam (steamed sweet tapioca with coconut cream) and the Thai Pina Colada. I'm not going to go into detail about them just now, because I want to talk about them when I have good photos. Bad photos simply don't do justice.

World Square Shopping Centre Shop 10.30
644 George Street, Sydney 2000
Tel: (02) 9264 8995

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