Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Plan B, Sydney

Hungry. That’s what we were. No…we couldn’t have that bothering us, especially if we had an afternoon of Christmas shopping ahead of us. We really needed to energise ourselves in preparation before we went to war. As always, especially preceding a likely spending spree, we were coating our wallets with as much armour as it could handle which landed us at a hidden gem that I’m ashamed to have not known about earlier. Thanks to WX’s knowledge, we made a short trip down to Castlereagh Street towards the two-hatted restaurant, Becasse, but stopped short by a couple of metres at a tiny hole-in-the-wall café called Plan B.

There was a small seating area with about five tables outside and we were lucky to get the last table just as we arrived. Having been here before, WX recommended that I try the 600-day Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Burger, and for a price of only $10, how could I refuse? When our identical orders came, my already groaning stomach only groaned louder at the sight.

Just looking at the burger, I was salivating. I love Wagyu - I thank the Japanese for having invented this national treasure of theirs. While WX attempted to be a bit more civilised by initially using her utensils, she quickly gave up when she saw that I hadn't even tried to go down that avenue but had instead taken a huge bite out of my burger using just my hands. The tenderness of the Wagyu was immediately evident - with the mix of beetroot the Wagyu just melted in my mouth - and at that moment I was in foodie heaven. When I was in Japan and cooked for myself on a daily basis, I sometimes rewarded myself with the expensive Wagyu packs from the supermarket and it was delicious. But at the quantities that I cooked with, the Wagyu was slightly overpowering with its dispersion of fattiness. With this little $10 gem of a lunch though, the burger had just the right amount of Wagyu to satisfy my craving but wasn't too much either. I can say that I'm definitely putting this on the list of lunch destinations when I start working in the city!

Plan B
204 Clarence Street
Sydney 2000
PH: 92833450


  1. you were lucky with the seating. i had to wait about 15 minutes when i went last week. it must be the cheapest wagyu burger in town? :-)

  2. Hmmm I love this burger at Plan B.
    Honestly, I'd pay more for a bit bigger size though - says a person ordering two ;p

  3. Love the fact that you think Xmas shopping is analogous to war! LOL. I wonder what you make of post-Christmas sales then? ;-)

    I still haven't had the chance to try Sydney's most blogged about burger; the days are counting down ....

  4. I have yet to get myself here to try this now infamous burger, but from the descriptions it really does live up to its reputation!

  5. It really does live up to its reputation - it says so on the menu, it's "famous"! A definite stop for anyone in the area.

  6. Simon: Yeah, I do think we were pretty lucky - it was during lunch hour too! And definitely great value.

    Yas: Haha, well if you eat it slowly and savour it...it does go a long way. Having said that, I might order two next time!

    Joey: Haha, you have to try it! And post-Xmas sales? Well I didn't go to any since I'm going overseas soon haha. Pre-Christmas sales wouldn't have occurred either but since you can't really put that off until you go overseas...haha

    Mademoiselle délicieuse: Highly recommend. Cheap and delicious! Convenient too, if you're in the city.

    YaYa: Indeed!