Monday, March 15, 2010

Review: The Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral Beach

So, what do a bunch of 20-something year olds do when they're bored in the evening with next to nothing to do? We're over the drinking, over all the clubbing, and generally over the fact that most of us will be graduating soon and free time simply won't feel the same again?

Well, they hit up a nice place for dessert of course! Especially the ones which require a little driving just to get away from parents screaming from behind at how ridiculous it was that we were heading out so late in the evening.

And that was when we discovered The Bathers' Pavilion Cafe at Balmoral Beach.

Crème caramel, poached caramel pears, cinnamon filo crisp - $15.50

"You're going to the beach NOW?" cried my father. Yep, anything for the food. Besides, it's not like Mum makes Crème Caramels for me for dessert.
"Do you even know your way?"
"Nope, but if I get lost, we ALL get lost"

Perhaps I should suggest to him that if he could make such a creamy and luscious Crème Caramel for me at home then I would consider staying home a tee-wee bit longer. Oh and the filo pastry was to die for. I could eat this stuff all day! (Hey, there's a thought! That way I wouldn't even bother heading out.)

Lemon delicious, confit lemon, lemon sherbet - $15.50

Either way SK, LT, JL, JC, SL and I all managed to find our way there that night - albeit a little late. By a little I really mean half an hour. I'm sure AY admired the evening view while he waited in the breeze.

Or perhaps he should have ducked inside before us and smacked his face in his Lemon Delicious. I know I often say "What's in a name?", but seriously, if this had been called anything more complicated I probably would have pondered over whether it was delicious or not - but Lemon Delicious? Lemon. Delicious. Simple. Straight-forward. When the dish lives up to its name, you know you just have to get another spoonful. Just the way life should be sometimes.

Pineapple tart tartin, pineapple compote, coconut ice-cream - $15.50

So was the whole getting lost, arriving late and dishevelled, being flamed by the always-5-minutes-early AY really worth the effort? Well short answer is yes; long answer is when you are warmly greeted and seated after arriving at close to 9:45pm on a quiet evening in a beautiful location, the experience is simply a rare thing in itself. To be honoured the visit with such delectable morsels of food such as a Pineapple Tart Tartin was just the right icing on top.

It almost felt like the only thing missing was a glass of Pina Colada and some dancing.

Vanilla & strawberry cheesecake, strawberry salad, strawberry sorbet - $15.50

And then there was the factor that there really was something in it for everyone. For the fruity dessert lovers (or those chocolate goddesses in search of a change in scenery, aka, SK), the Strawberry Cheesecake will do no wrong. With a scoop of refreshing strawberry sorbet on the side mixed with a tangy sweet strawberry salad, I prithee, this is something you'll not want to walk away from.
Anna's chocolate and banana gateau, chocolate fudge sauce - $15.50

And then if you really cannot peel yourself away from your chocolate addiction, well, I wish you all the best! At least here at Bather's Pavilion you'll get a slice of the lightest chocolate cake bending over for you, waiting for the perfect scoop to take it to your mouth.

Never knew food could be so trippy, eh?

The Bathers' Pavilion Cafe
4 The Esplanade
Balmoral Beach, NSW 2088
Tel: (02) 9969 5050


  1. Such a beautiful location. The greatest for sunday brunch! It's just as amazing on a rainy day too. I've been to both the restaurant and the cafe for lunch and the difference is very significant - though you still get the view at the cafe. Looked like it was worth the trip for a sugar fix!! :)

  2. Love the colours of the strawberry dessert! I've only ever had brunch and lunch here but it looks like dessert is a great option too =)

  3. Such yummy looking desserts. I'll have one of each please! =P

  4. oh man i've gotta get myself here all the desserts look GREAT!