Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review: Jaya Malaysian, Sydney

Beef Laksa - $8.50


For those of you who may be wondering how on earth I've been supporting my appetite (and tendency to roam around Sydney looking for the greatest noms), well... long story short... I work.

Shock horror isn't it?

And because DW and I both work on Fridays during the semester, we have made it a weekly routine to eat around work. Last week (yes, I've been lagging behind with my posts recently. I'll explain after I'm done talking about food), we decided to have laksa again.

Why? Because DW loves to have laksa at Jaya Malaysian, which is a tiny outlet tucked away in a courtyard at the Maritime Trade Tower down in Wynyard/Millers Point. If you weren't working nearby, I seriously don't think you'd find it.

Chicken Laksa - $8.50

Personally, I quite like the laksa here too. It's not too creamy and on most days the flavouring is pretty much spot on. The tofu is plenty squishy, full of creamy goodness from the soup, and goes wonderfully with both the chicken or the beef. (I've had both.)

The place isn't anything fancy, but I must say that the courtyard is beautifully covered by the greenery during the summer months, and filled with sunlight during the winter months. It really is a quiet, secluded haven amidst a bustling city during the day, perfect for a quiet lunch with a friend.

Jaya Malaysian at Maritime Trade Tower
Level 3 Retail Courtyard
201 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

P.S. My posts will be only just trickling through in the next two weeks as I'm in the middle of my final exams. This is where I start kicking myself for nomming away too much during the semester and ignoring my beloved textbooks for a good 12 weeks.

Pray to God that I'll live to tell the tale.

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