Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review: Tomato Cafe, Chatswood

If there ever was a place that really would have benefited from a shot of the front entrance, it would have been Tomato Cafe.


Well when I asked AW where this place was, she promptly replied that I should not judge this place by the entrance, because I may feel as if I was being led towards some seedy R-rated place hidden away in some strange corner of Chatswood.

By some strange corner, I really just mean some place I never would have thought of visiting on Victoria Ave. Mind you, this place was perfect for our occasion, as we had just finished our exams and just wanted to chill in some secluded corner on a rainy, rainy day with some good, cheap food. (And sofa chairs!)

And the choice of Korean? Well, let's just say AW is a huge fan of everything Korean, and I simply enjoy the perk of having a neverending supply of free Kimchi. (Shown in one of the small dishes above)

Teriyaki Chicken with Curry Rice

The Teriyaki Chicken with Curry Rice was LT's dish that night. Even though I didn't end up trying it myself, I have been told that the teriyaki chicken was disappointing because it resembled more like honey chicken than teriyaki. Judging by the colours of the dish, I don't doubt him.

Somehow I don't think they brought out the right dish?

Spicy Pork with Rice Cakes

To be honest I don't remember what that dish was called at all. I really just made the name up on the spot just then. The point is, it had pork, and rice cakes and was deliciously spicy in that yummy Korean way. I know I'm probably not making much sense in this paragraph, but it's because I salivate everytime I see this and I'm trying my best to keep my saliva IN my mouth.

So what is this dish? Well, we don't actually know because a funny thing had happened on the night.

Remember the part where I mentioned that AW liked everything Korean? Well she had been taking Korean lessons all semester and was keen to try out her new language skills on the cute waiter. In her attempt to read the Korean on the menu, she failed to notice that the Korean appeared ABOVE the English translation (she thought it was below), and ended up ordering the wrong dish.

All I can really say is that it tasted like beef. Marinated beef Korean style. And I'm just going to leave it there. (It was delicious though!)

Korean Broad Noodles in Seafood and Vegetable Broth

And lastly, this was my Korean Broad Noodles in Seafood and Vegetable Broth. My verdict was that it definitely hit the spot for me that night because there's nothing like a warm bowl of soup noodles on a cold night. The noodles were nice and chewy still (so not overcooked), and the soup was so delicate in flavour. The seafood itself was nothing spectacular, but I wasn't expecting it to be considering it was only $10. Yeah, you heard right! $10!

The night was good, despite the few let downs here and there. But the night had been made because we had a chance to just chill and enjoy some good food and wine in a nice warm place where the ambience just makes you want to stay there with your friends forever.

Tomato Cafe
Level 1
370 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW 2067
Tel: ?

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    Karaoke T 9411 47889411 (same level)$30 per hr