Saturday, November 7, 2009

Review: La Bohème Restaurant & Cafe

Since we were in Balmain for the day, VH, AL and I thought we might hit up a cafe for lunch after Adriano Zumbo. As much as we wanted to get our hands on those macarons, being good little girls, we thought to have our treat AFTER a proper meal.

That's when we ran into La Bohème.

Stylistically speaking, La Bohème's menu oozes with European - meat and alcomohol. For me, European sausages are hard to go by, and seeing it was lunch, I couldn't bring myself to having anything more substantial than that. I had a hard time saying no to the Beef Goulash, but I repeated to myself: "Macarons, macarons, macarons..."

European Style Debreciner Sausages (grilled with cheese and served with beetroot horseradish, Hungarian mustard and rye bread) - $13.90

I chose to have the European Style Debreciner Sausages thinking that they would be lighter considering that they're on the breakfast menu. Little did I know that the sheer portion I was going to receive would fill me up till well past dinner.

I must say I was thoroughly impress. Nothing beats a couple of meaty European snags with a little pickle and sauerkraut and mustard. Mmmhmm.

Pasta with smoked salmon (with spinach leaves, chilli and olive oil) - $14.90

The portion sizes here are quite large, and all three of us had trouble finishing our plates. AL's Smoked Salmon Pasta was lightly tossed with spinach and flakes of smoked salmon. Simple, but a smidge on the oily side for my liking.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich - $10.50

VH's Norwegian smoked salmon sandwich looked absolutely divine to bite into. Lavish slices of smoked salmon and layers of avocado, cream cheese amongst other fillings made the sandwich almost impossible to fit into her mouth. If you knew what VH looked like, watching her trying to tackle this sandwich was entertainment in itself.

La Bohème Restaurant & Cafe
Rear Mans Institute Arcade
Shop 9, 332 Darling Street
Balmain, NSW 2041
Restaurant Tel: (02) 9810 0829
Cafe Tel: (02) 9818 4745

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