Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Food: Another Perspective

There are plenty of restaurants out there which provide us with visually appetising presentations of their dishes - but what if hypothetically they presented it like this?

For those Mario fans!

What about the Linux enthusiasts?

There are plenty more images where this came from so check out Oddee! Thanks to Urban Detective for  satisfying the foodie in me and showing me this website! =) Enjoy!


  1. There are so many seriously talented (or weird, or both) people out there. Love the Mario one complete with smiling bees. LOL Thanks for the link.

  2. omg i LOVE MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    been playing it alot lately trying to get thru all the levels its quite frustrating at times i get real steamed and cranky when people interrupt me (mostly my mom) then ill blame her for me dying

  3. There's so many photos of amazing homemade Japanese bentos - I once saw ones of Doraemon, Hello Kitty & Totoro!

  4. I love looking all those creative bentos. I wouldn't want to eat them though cos they are too cute!

    Hahah Betty, I played the new Super Mario Bros on wii so much that my finger started to swell up. Got up to the last boss stage in 2 days! Haven't played since then though.

  5. how cute are these! although i think most bento boxes are nicer to look at than they are to eat.

  6. Lol, I love them but they don't look appetising to me! I mean, what IS that red stuff on Mario?