Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday Blogger!

Over the past year, I've been going to many birthday parties for the significant two-oh but never did I imagine myself at a 11th birthday party. In fact, I never thought I'd be at the birthday party of an intangible product. Coming home from work today, my father's first response was, "You mean the birthday of an engineer who created the product right?" "No, Dad...I mean the birthday party for a product...the Google product - Blogger."

So yes, today is the 11th birthday of the blogging platform that we've been using here at nomitlikeitshot. The gathering was casual with a mix of Googlers (the name for Google employees) and members of the public who used the Blogger platform. I walked in mid-way after a quick game of table tennis with a colleague and managed to get in on the 'Five interesting facts about Blogger' the most interesting of which was..."The creator of Blogger is also the inventor of Twitter". This was then followed by a couple of questions fielded from the audience before I heard someone from behind me say, "The cake, the cake!" He was merely voicing my thoughts for me out loud!

There was a bit of everything - sushi, quiche, champagne (yes, a tad random) but the item that this post is dedicated to, and I sincerely apologise for the poor quality of this iPhone photo, was the birthday cake(s)! 

It was a massive cake and I loved the little cupcakes around it. Definitely passed the aesthetics test! I had to quickly dash home for dinner so only managed to try a little bit of the cake but it was moist and chocolate-ty - always a great way to celebrate a birthday, no matter how old you are! Or in this case...it is. 


  1. I'm afraid to ask how many victims you slayed in order to get invited to this event...

    so much ill-disguised ninja envy right now =D

  2. That cake is awesome! so simple, but effective

  3. wow- that cake does pass the aesthetics test!

  4. LOVE IT !!!!! Man such a nerd, I am. I am nerd, am I, I am. haha - PS I got Atlassian for the summer break! And Xi - when to give you your accumulation of past year's birthday presents?

  5. Wow! I haven't been even been using a computer for 11 years! haha.....never thought that blogger had been around for so long! The cake looks awesome!