Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: Malaysian Food House, Sydney

Last Thursday DW and I decided to venture past the cute little courtyard where we usually have our work lunches into the somewhat haphazard depths that is known as Hunter Arcade. The food here is relatively cheap compared to places elsewhere in the CBD, but the quality of food really does vary quite substantially from place to place.

We had originally planned on going to the Naughty Chef (hee hee) down in the tunnel section, but the line was extraordinarily long by the time we arrived, and given that we only had an hour to lunch, we didn't think we could finish our meals in time and actually enjoy the experience.

So Plan B was then to visit Malaysian Food House. Tucked away in a corner located at the bottom of one of the billion sets of escalators in the place, this place offered quick, cheap Malaysian meals during the busy lunchtime period.

Har Mee - $7.90

I chose the daily special, which was the Har Mee (Prawn Broth Noodles). I've always looooooved Har Mee (along with Satay Mee) and I was pretty excited to be eating it for lunch. However the broth was very disappointing. It was quite heavily concentrated in MSG rather than the distinctive taste of prawn broth. I spent the afternoon drinking copious amounts of water just to stay alive.

Oh and there was only one piece of prawn. What the heck?

This is our second visit to this place, and I was really quite surprised by the quality of food on this occasion. DW selected the Chicken Laksa, which I had ordered last time. The soup was definitely tasty, and very very coconutty, but as DW slowly tucked into her noodles, she realised that whoever cooked the dish had forgotten to put any chicken in.

What the heck right?

Oh well, perhaps they were just too busy on the day? Either way, knowing us, we will probably try our chances again at this place some day down the track. I may find myself dissatisfied yet again, but when you're hungry at work with a limited time to suffice that hunger, sometimes common sense just flies out the window...

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