Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When food brings people together...

BBQ's are fun. Especially when the people who are in charge of the BBQ have absolutely no idea what they are doing and before long everyone is reduced back as if they were children again. Messing around with dirty bits of coal and firestarters, we resembled a bunch of headless chooks scurrying around in attempt to work the mechanics of a coal BBQ.

Look. We're Asian. BBQ working skills just isn't inherit in our blood.

Everyone at there that day grew up as little kids together. It's weird that now one of us is getting married and most of us are all grown up and doing our own individual things. Despite our ages, I think if someone had been watching us that day, we really were just a bunch of big kids. JX continued his ritual of bullying me...and I to SL...and then SO-Y ran around lost amidst all the commotion.

Big kids. Yes?
Everyone contributed a little on the day. JX and his fiancé contributed the house and the meats and the BBQ itself. SL forgot his part...which were the potatoes, but that was almost entirely in character and expected. My little addition was a simple mixed leaf salad and avocado with a Japanese dressing to go with it. I'll post a recipe for it when I finally get my hands on the last ingredient, which I think may need to be shipped from Hawaii.

These were Alice's Szechuan Lamb Skewers. They were heavily flavoured with cumin, and an absolute delight to munch on.

Unfortunately, the first batch of chicken wings were utterly charred. They still tasted good nevertheless - we just cut off all the burnt bits and continued on. There was another batch of wings on the way anyway.

Luckily for us the weather was extremely warm and beautiful that day. We somehow managed to strike gold by choosing one of the warmest winter days this year. 28°C in August?

Oh how I'm going to die during Summer this year. Dang you global warming!

Apart from being outside of the house and enjoying the great weather, the other thing I look forward to during a BBQ is the plate of SNAGS waiting to be munched on. Nothing beats a good sausage sizzle with some mustard and caramelised onions. They make BBQs what they are today!

The teriyaki chicken was the last to appear and we were seriously filled the to brim by the time this arrived. The meat was soooo extremely tender and juicy and I was so sad I had not left enough room to enjoy more of it.

JX happily said that this would become his lunch at work the next day. I think I wanted to kick him.

After the food we sat around and caught up on the various happenings in life. Then we moved on to Wii and rediscovered the fun of Raving Rabbids and Mario Kart.

Oh my goodness. Someone buy me a Wii already!

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