Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review: The Counter, Crows Nest

Look. The concept is simple. It works. And it tastes good.

And because everything fits together like a glove, I'm going to simplify into something that resembles a problem question in primary school.

What is choice in a burger?

A page full of ingredients allowing over 312 120 different combinations to build your own burger- is that choice enough for you fatty?

While SK had been over in the US on exchange, I had frequently emailed her about the brilliance of epic burger combinations our friends had come up with at The Counter. Despite being back for almost 3 months, last Friday was the first time we managed to find a slot in our timetables to meet up and visit this place.

Choice, actualised.

Every time I've visited this place I've always had to print out a version of the menu hours beforehand just to be able to make my mind up on what I would have in my burger. This process would often take up to an hour on my VERY indecisive days.

Look, there simply no easy way of going about choosing between caramelized onion marmalade, roasted garlic aioli, country buttermilk ranch or Mexican caesar. Honestly, how is one meant to decide on the spot?

"50-50" Onion strings and Sweet Chips - $5.50

The onion strings here are to die for. They are perfectly seasoned and crispy when they come out. This 50-50 plate of onion strings and sweet potato chips were a bit much for 2 people, and it got a tad oily towards the end, but alas, the thought of these is making me salivate as I type.

These guys here inbuild "choice" into everything. Why only have one sauce with your chips when you can have three?


Chocolate Brownie Coffee Malt Shake

SK and I also shared a serve of the Shake of the Month. Look, when these guys say that it's a Chocolate brownie shake, expect real chocolate brownie bits in your shake. They really do just throw the real thing in the blender and whizz it up for you. Tastes dayam good if you ask me.


Ok, onto burgers...

Exhibit A: SK's burger
150g beef patty with imported swiss cheese, grilled pineapple, grilled onions, mixed baby greens, tomatoes, caramelised onion marmalade, all on a wholemeal bun.

A little hard to eat given the size. Even harder to finish. The caramelised onions and the grilled onions were very, very similar. Grilled pineapples had pretty grill pattern on them.

Exhibit B: My Burger
150g beef patty, gruyere cheese, beetroot, lettuce blend, grilled onions, roasted corn and black bean salsa, sauteed mushrooms, country buttermilk ranch sauce, all on a hamburger bun.

Probably wouldn't order the salsa again - black bean was a little hard and dropped everywhere onto the plate. Beef tad overcooked on the outside - but incredibly most and yummy on the inside. Also realised that beetroot is a must have in my burgers from now on. The world is simply not the same without it. Probably should have ignored my conscience and included a fried egg as well.

Oh wells, there's always a next time. And there most definitely will be one.

The Counter
118 Willoughby Road
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Tel: (02) 9436 2700


  1. I think those burgers would find a happy home in my stomache :).

    Your blog is a life ruiner! It's like letting an AA loose in a bar with unlimited tab.

  2. Haha LIES. I still have to say that it was difficult trying to fit the burger into my mouth in the first place.

    M'dear, you know this place helps you turn the boring days at work into an exciting one, albeit vicariously.