Friday, September 4, 2009

Review: Thai Break, Macquarie Centre

A couple of weeks ago AL, EY and I all decided to go to Macquarie to do a bit of shopping. However, it wasn't just any old shopping trip...

It was a "Look EY, you're 21 now, let's get you dressed more like a twenty-something year old than a gangster wannabe...yes? Yes."

In other words, we dragged EY to get some decent clothing, even if it meant we had to restrain his kicking and screaming.

Alas! I'm too dramatic for this blog...

Long story short, before we could even get started, I demanded that we grab a bite to eat because I was starving. Lunch was never in the original plan, but heck. Food is food. And hence I didn't bring the DSLR - so please bear with the dodgy quality of my phone. Danghers to you Samsung!

Some things just don't change- including the part where we couldn't really decide on where to eat.Eventually we settled for Thai Break, which is situated on the upper level of Macquarie shopping centre. The design of the place is pretty simple and not the slightest bit pretentious in any manner. I would say the same for its food.Laab Gai

My choice for the day was Laab Gai. Its not a dish I would typically order, but I was really in the mood for something tasty but light (and not a salad. I've been eating waaaaaay too much salad from Stock Market at uni.)

I was pretty happy with the serving size - it was absolutely GINORMOUS. However, there was a little too much dressing running around the base of the plate, which meant that the rice was often too salty on the bottom, which meant I had to drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated. It was delicious nevertheless - spicy, tangy and all the great things I love about Thai food.

Boat Noodles

AL decided to try the Boat Noodles. I kicked myself hard after tasting it for not having ordered this dish. It was definitely a winner on the table.

Pad See Ew

EY went for the Pad See Ew - a dish that rarely goes wrong. The serving size was a tad small, but EY was pretty happy with it considering he wasn't feeling like he could eat an entire cow anyway. All was well in the world.

So would I come back here? Yeah sure why not? Speed, ease and affordability right in the middle of a shopping centre - perfect competition for the food courts around.

Thai Break
Shop 454A
Macquarie Shopping Centre
Cnr Herring & Waterloo Road
North Ryde NSW 2113
Tel: (02) 9870 7733

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