Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Satay Delight, UNSW

Here's the basic storyline to all my foodtales:

  • I walk up to A telling he/she that I just had the best XYZ in my life at some place
  • A proceeds to convince me that my tastebuds are completely deprived and that I should try XYZ at some other place
  • I give A a "oh really? well why didn't someone tell me earlier!??!"
  • A gives me a "you're a crap foodie" look
  • I proceed to try XYZ at the some other place...and then it ends up here on this blog.
And hence it brings me to this post.

Once upon a time I professed to the world my dedicated love for laksa. Someone who was within my vocal radius heard my profession and immediately proceeded to shut me down by suggesting that I had not yet even tried a "real" laksa.

"But of course I have! What nonsense is this!" I replied.

I can't really remember what was said next, but whatever it was it left a little girl with a heart broken into a trillion little pieces.

I'm feeling the muse tonight can you tell?

Chicken Laksa

Alas I digress.

The point is, whoever that person was pointed me in the direction of "that Malaysian Place up in Matthews" for the best authentic Malaysian laksa. That place, as I discovered, was Satay Delight.

The above picture is DW's Chicken Laksa. She wasn't a fan of it because it didn't taste like the coconutted laksa which we're used to (and then I suggested that she give Tropicana a try). The broth was thick, nevertheless, but it lacked the sweetness of coconut milk, as you can probably tell from the pictures.

Soy Chicken Laksa

I had mine with Soy Chicken. I personally enjoyed this version of laksa very much. I can't say it rates as one of the highest in my books, but I blame that on the fact that I've grown accustomed to the Westernised version, which is really quite a shame at times. The serving was quite large and I paid extra for extra tofu (you cannot have laksa without the spongey tofu!). The chicken was nice and tender, full of flavour which blended quite nicely with the broth.

Overall the experience was enjoyable, including the part where we splashed laksa broth all over DW's Legal assignment - haha!

Best nommed straight after class.

Satay Delight
Matthews Arcade (The Fare), UNSW
Anzac Parade
Kensington, NSW
Tel: ? (Just visit, kay?)

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  1. Love this place man, best laska on earth bring back old uni times memories!!