Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review: Wagaya, Haymarket

When anyone mentions the word "Wagaya", one of two things is definitely bound to pop up into conversation.
  1. Touch screen menu
  2. Sushi Roulette
Sitting right opposite Market City and Sydney Entertainment Centre, this dashing little place is rather like a little gem waiting to be discovered.

The food is above-average, with little standouts here and there (personally I would crown whoever came up the idea of Eel Tempura should be crowned GENIUS). But I really do think one of the major selling points of Wagaya is the atmosphere it provides, along with the touch-screen menu which allows you and your friends to "ooooh" and "ahhhh" at each dish before you order.

Each item on the menu also has its own little picture, as well as the ingredients which goes in, making it considerably more convenient for those with food allergies. As for my friends, the touch-screen turned out to be a good little gadget to keep me distracted while they nommed up all the food before I got a chance to see it.

Mixed Sashimi Platter

Luckily I managed to peel myself away from the screen before the Mixed Sashimi Platter disappeared. Having frequented many Japanese restaurants recently, I've officially been converted to a lover of scallop sashimi. Upon the sight of this platter, I knew I was in for a treat.

Wafu Pizza

I think it was PW who was craving for the Wafu Pizza. I glanced over and it looked to me like shredded chicken topped with cheese. I had no idea what it was and decided to steal a few bits off JL's plate while he wasn't looking.

And the verdict?

Well I'm having an entire one of these to myself next time! (Or perhaps come up with a DIY version sometime soon)

Sapphire (Non-alcoholic)

Seeing everyone ordered throughout the night, I wasn't entirely sure what half the things on the table were. We were here for a 21st and had booked one of their beautifully decorated function rooms with traditional seating arrangments (i.e. taking you shoes off and sitting on the wooden floor). It was hard to move around and mingle with everyone given the size of the room, but looking across the table, we could see mountains of empty plates and bowls piling up and everyone just having a great time.

Sushi Roulette

But then...

Well, to give you a bit of a background, we started off the night with 2 plates of sushi roulettes up my end of the table. MH hit the jackpot and went all red and teary from the wasabi, and everyone had a great laugh.

Most of us thought that would be the end of it...

After everyone had a bit to eat, JL and JS decided that we should play another round of sushi roulette. So we ordered and 6 people were picked to play.

SH went up first...and BAM! Hit the jackpot. Poor thing went all teary and red and chugged water down like he had just walked across the dessert.

So sitting on the plate were the other 5 pieces of salmon nigiri. Seeing that the wasabi bomb had already been picked, the other 5 people eagerly grabbed their piece and popped it in their mouth (except PW and JL). Little did they know that JS and JL had requested a special order with the waitstaff while nobody was looking, and ALL of them were filled with wasabi!

Oh dear, I think I saw blood in people's eyes when they found out.

So we laughed, while some cried.

I'm pretty sure that plate won't be forgotten for a while.

Level 1, 78-86 Harbour Street
Haymarket, NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9212 6068

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