Saturday, July 11, 2009

Josophan's Fine Chocolates - Part I

I don't like chocolate.

Seriously. No joke.

It's not that I hate it and refuse to have anything to do with it, it's just that...well, it simply does not make my heart flutter the way that it does for most other girls. I like chocolate flavoured things like ice cream, cakes, mousses etc, but I just don't like the actual block chocolate stuff that people seem to just give away as a "oh I needed to give you a gift but wasn't sure what to get" type of gift.

Let it be known that I'd happily pick away at a jar of good olives than even so much as bothering to touch a block of Cadbury.
Having said that, I simply could not walk past Josophan's Fine Chocolates in Leura without sneaking a peek at the goodies inside.Josophan's Chocolates have won numerous awards over the years at various produce shows, including the Sydney Royal Show and has consistently remained at the top of the chocolate making industry. Obviously I'm not much a chocolate connoisseur, but luckily for me JL loves his sweets and all the things I don't so that he may fill in the gaps where needed.According to him the chocolates were incredibly smooth and sensuous in texture. He had bought milk chocolate, and the subtle taste of milk could actually be tasted through the gentle sweetness. I took a bit myself and had to agree. It was amazing to finally appreciate the sweet scent of milk in the chocolate.

If it weren't for my love of purple, I think I would be hating Cadbury by now.

In the end we decided to all chip in for a box of 8. However, we only ended up getting 6 as the Cappucino cups and Cafe Noir were special and counted as 2 in the box. I wasn't complaining as I was really only interested in the Cafe Noir. In retrospect I think the Hazelnut Praline would have been pretty nice as well.Now this would be the part where I was meant to tell you about the taste and texture of the chocolate. Unfortunately I can't do that. Why?

I never ended up eating the chocolate. Long story short we had an overdosage of food on the trip and the fact we had a box of good chocolates just didn't really appeal to me. I did remember to take photos for the sake of the blog, but gosh...

As if you could bear to destroy those beautiful pieces of chocolate. Seriously.

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