Saturday, July 11, 2009

Josophan's Fine Chocolates - Part II

Not far from the actual chocolate shop is Josophan's Chocolate Cafe. The idea is similar to that of Max Brenners, less the chain store mould type decorations. No poster ads of the latest fads in chocolate nomming, just a simple sit down menu in cozy comfort.Embracing the cafe was a strong European air mingling with the dark wooden furnishings and photos of Paris tempting the mind to escape into another landscape.
Mug of Hot Chocolate with Cream and Chocolate Shavings - $ 6.00

It was sooo ridiculously cold outside that I couldn't stop myself from ordering the mug of hot chocolate. As expected, it was beautifully rich, but not overly sweet, and just like the chocolate itself, incredibly smooth in texture. Hot chocolate with Marshmallows - $4.50

JL ordered the standard cup of hot chocolate, which was very much the same as mine, less the cream. He's much more health-conscious than I am. Waffles served with Josophan's Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream and Cream

AL and HL decided to go for gold and bring home the waffles drizzled in Josophan's chocolate. I honestly don't know how they managed to finish the plate, but I imagine that it must've been too darn good to let it go to waste.Chocolate Mousse

VH decided on the the Chocolate Mousse after been swept off her feet upon the sight of the glass fridge cabinet just in front of the counter.
And gosh, it was really really smooth in texture, despite being somewhat heavier than some of the other mousses I've tried. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate against the delicately sweet was simply moreish.Even the local cockatoo would have to agree with that...

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