Saturday, July 4, 2009

Review: Ton Ton, Sydney

Wednesday night was Chicago night. Yes, you heard right. Chicago. The musical. My favourite musical. Yes. Even better than Phantom of the Opera.

Yes. I love Chicago.

Unfortunately for DW and I, both of us had work during the day and could not finish until about 5:30pm, which left us a little over 2 hours to find a place to grab a quick bite and head down to Lyric Theatre in Star City.

After rounding up the crew, we were real and truly running short of time and decided to grab a quick bite at Ton Ton. It's a little hidden place inside the arcade at the base of the Lumiere complex on George Street.Vegetable Soba - $9.80

Service at this place was quick, and the meals cheap. However, the portion sizes were definitely on the small side, so it's hard to say that it was great value. Nevertheless we were short of time, so Ichiban Boshi was definitely out of the picture.

Katsu Don - $10.00

It was an epically cold night that night, and we managed to find ourselves a quiet and sheltered corner to sit in. The overall ambience of the place was definitely lacking, giving a more food court, casual eating out feel, and isn't necessarily a place which anyone would want to just sit at for a long period of time.Beef Sukiyaki Don - $12.00

Given that there are so many Japanese restaurants around Sydney City, Ton Ton would not cross my mind to be the top place to recommend. Ramen Kan and the-numerous-Kuras would both be preferred, but I have to say that Ton Ton's greatest advantage is its location. Being on George Street has its perks.Chicken Karaage Ramen - $9.80

"Soy flavoured soup topped with deep-fried chicken pieces"
Pretty standard?
TonTon Ramen - $9.80

Being my second visit to Ton Ton, I gave their signature TonTon Ramen another go. While I quite enjoyed the meal, both DW and I found it to be excessively salty and had to constantly drink water for the rest of the night just to stop our tongues from shrivelling up. The soup nonetheless was quite rich and flavoursome, and knowing my love of tonkotsu ramen, I would probably order it again if I ever came back.
Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream 500mL - $5.90

Before we left, being girls, we naturally noticed the Mövenpick fridge tucked away in the side of the store. DW, VH and I bought a 500mL tub of Swiss Chocolate Mövenpick Icecream for dessert, and nommed it good between the 3 of us.

Chill, we didn't finish the 500mL. I don't think my conscience would have allowed me to do so. But luckily we had back ups. CC, TC and AW redeemed us as they dug away at the rich and creamy Mövenpick.

Ton Ton
Ground Floor
501 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9267 1313
Fax: (02) 9267 9995

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