Sunday, October 25, 2009

Me, Me & Me

Hello hello and hello readers! Thank you to WX for the kind, timely and succinct introduction. Just thought I'd be a bit more personal and post something myself before I get serious with this blogging business.

Some of you may know me, some of you may not but you may all just call me AY. I will be the one in charge of all that technical stuff so hopefully in the very near future, you will see a facelift for this blog. If all goes to plan, I also hope to perhaps purchase a domain and get ourselves a webhost with a more user-friendly blogging utility. Beyond that, perhaps being a bit ambitious, I hope to drive more traffic to this blog and see our efforts fly high in the world of foodie-ism.

As WX has noted, I am but a food lover on training wheels. Neither my tastebuds nor my knowledge of food is as well trained and in-depth as hers, but rest assured, my time spent here will fine tune those (hopefully). My previous web design experience with HTML, PHP, blogging platforms and Photoshop will help me revamp and continue to innovate our website. And finally, as an aspiring photographer, I hope to capture the best angles of food to satisfy your eyes and subsequently those salivating mouths.

My aim here as contributer is to help WX and help you guys - to point you in the right direction for food and to make you want to eat. So let us begin...!

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  1. forget to mention. you can also put your marketing major to good use. =D