Saturday, October 31, 2009

Review: Tomodachi, Rhodes

Tomodachi = "friend" in Japanese.

If you ever decide to make a weekend out of Ikea, bringing the whole entire family, kids kicking and screaming and jumping on the sea of mattresses, sofas and chairs laid out in a somewhat playgroundesque fashion, feel free to take a gentle stroll down to the other end of the shopping centre, where you may find a little peace of mind out of Tomodachi.

Situated on the cinema end of Rhodes Shopping Centre, on a good, sunny day, one would barely notice its location in a shopping centre. Sun beams brightly through the windows, and if you prefer things al a carte, then by all means you may sit outside on the balcony in front of the waters and enjoy the view while munching on some lovely Japanese food.

AY and I opted for sushi train instead. Who can resist looking at the line yummy dishes rotating around?

Tamago and Unagi Nigiri

Egg and Eel is my typical pick at any restaurant. It's always my starting point for judging the quality of the food. If the eel is fishy, then it's no deal for me. Tomodachi gets it right, and I continue munching away happily.

Seaweed Sushi

AY comments on the speed and dexterity of the sushi chefs refilling the train whenever a dish is taken off. I've always found that a full train of dishes with a large variety of dishes to be paramount to the enjoyment of sushi trains. Another big tick.

Grilled Salmon Nigiri

Unfortunately when compared to most other sushi trains, Tomodachi is fairly pricey. I blame it on the management and leases at Rhodes.

Tempura Prawn Nigiri

One of the dishes I love at this place is the tempura prawn nigiri pictured above. They are delightfully crunchy and light, but not too oily. The tangy Japanese tartare sauce served beside just makes me want to smack my face right into it.

Salmon Sashimi Salad Sushi

This creamy salmon sashimi salad was a bit of a hit and miss. While I loved the fresh flavours of dill, I found the creamy sauce a little rich, but lacking in any distinctive flavour.

Spider Roll

The spider roll was nicely executed. Not fishy at all. I wish they had put a little more of the creamy mustard sauce.

Teriyaki Salmon Roll

Teriyaki salmon was pleasantly presented and delicious. It's not really part of my typical repertoire during sushi train visits, but I'm glad to have had this. The teriyaki was mild and not overpowering of the sweetness of the salmon.

Level 1, Shop 74
Rhodes Shopping Centre
Rhodes, NSW 2138
Tel: (02) 9736 1764

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  1. i've been here once, and when they saw me start taking photos they told me to stop (i couldnt believe it)